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Dog Training

Thunderstorms suggests that each adopter take some kind of beginner training course with your new puppy, either at the local pet store or with a private trainer.This not only gives your puppy the chance to learn rules and obediance,but also gives you and your new friend the chance to bond.Effective training can be given to a dog from the age of eight weeks. It is best for the owner and dog to start training before bad habits become deeply ingrained.

Good quality training comes with varied experience. The more differences in dogs you train, the more knowledge you accumulate.

The key to success in dog training is in the training of a variety of temperaments, characters, characteristics, personalities and problems. Each dog is an individual. Each dog requires a different level of success, for a number of reasons:

  • The owner's goals.
  • The dog's temperament.
  • Existing problems with the dog, if any.
  • The environment in which the dog lives.
  • The dog's age.
  • The physical condition of the dog.
To say a dog is trained only means that the owner is completely happy and satisfied with his or her dog, whether the dog has been trained for tracking, obedience, protection, or to be a loyal and trustworthy pet. The dog should leave its training at least as happy and well adjusted as when it started.

We hope you and your dog have a happy and healthy start to a long life together!
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